Who’s the Boss in YOUR House?

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Since the only two “people” in my house currently are my 20-year-old cat and me, one would think the answer would be obvious. Well, maybe it is to anyone who’s ever been owned by a cat.

Grey Eagle is.

King Grey Eagle

As he’s gotten older and skinnier, his thermostat doesn’t work as well as it did when he was younger, with more meat on his bones. Consequently he craves human contact whenever he can capture it. And it’s not good enough to just sit on my lap. He has to sit “up top” where he can stick his face, complete with whiskers, in mine. Ugh. That means many of our evenings, when I choose to sit on the couch, are spent with me trying to convince King Kat that he would REALLY prefer to sit NEXT to me rather than on top of me. To top off all his other attributes, he is extremely persistent, so this exercise in frustration can go on for an hour before one of us finally gives up.

Bedtime is another wrestling match. Again he wants to perch on top of me, where he can stick his whiskers up my nose.

Grey Eagle’s Physique

Believe it or not, last night (and, remember, this cat has owned me for ONE MONTH LESS THAN TWENTY YEARS) I had a flash of brilliance. Why not just throw the cat out of the bedroom and close the door? That’s what I did this morning at 1:30. Oh, G.E. had a few things to say about that, but for the most part it worked wonderfully well.

I should tell you that people’s reactions on meeting G.E. for the first time tend to be mixed. They’ll take one look and say something like,

“Oh, he’s really . . . (you can see them wrestling with themselves not to say the word “ugly”) skinny, isn’t he?”

They’ll follow that statement with, “but he has a beautiful face.” As you can see above, that’s a true statement.

G. E. is actually pretty amazing for a senior citizen of some 140 years. His appetite is excellent, his elimination is superb, his eyes are bright and clear, his hearing is obviously top notch (just try to get a can of tuna past him) and he can still jump up on the bed unassisted. He recognizes people he knows even if he hasn’t seen them for years.

Shevy and I used to have a running joke that with his good health G.E. would be going on long after we’re gone. Sadly that’s now halfway true. By the way, G.E. considered Shevy his best friend, but Shevy didn’t return the favor as a result of a lifelong allergy to cats. That meant that anytime he had the opportunity, G.E. would make a beeline for Shevy’s lap, and Shevy would suffer for it for a day or two afterward.

We shall see if my newfound resolve to sleep alone is the answer I’ve been searching for.

They don’t call me dense for nothing.

Which Type of Hair Loss Problem You Are Facing

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It is always very necessary to eliminate the hair loss problem and to do something that can help you out in re-growing your hairs.

Here are some types of hair loss explained, that can help you out in figuring that which type of hair loss problem you are facing and how to overcome that problem.

Genetic and hormonal hair loss in men:

Hair loss or thinning of the hairs is a major problem encountered in most of the men. Scientists have done many researchers, to find out the reasons of hair loss in men. And they have concluded with the medical evidences that due to genetic and hormonal issues, the hairs of the men losses its stems.

This type of hair loss is named as Androgenetic Alopecia or male pattern baldness. The studies have shown that this type of alopecia is encountered in almost 95 percents of the men who encountered the hair loss problem.

The major cause of this type of alopecia is the hormones that are produced in the men’ body and known as DHT (dihydrotestostrone). The more production of DHT will result in causing the thinner or finer hair follicles and ultimately it causes the hair follicle to permanently wasted.

DHT and hair loss:

The men, who are making more DHT in their bodies, will be more inclined towards the hair loss problems. The DHT development starts at the early ages and its production increases as the men grew older. DHT has power to make the hair follicle shrunk and ultimately it make it useless for producing the new hairs.

Yet, doctors are not able to highlight the actual reason of excessive production of DHT in male’s body. But, however, they have encountered that mostly males who are suffering from male pattern baldness have increased level of DHT in their bodies.

The increased DHT has become reason for shortening the life cycle of the hairs and thus the hairs fall out in shorter amount of time. This results in causing the bald patches or thinning hairs over the scalp.

Active Ingredients For Hair Loss And Re-grow Hairs!

There are some ingredients that can be very beneficial is stopping the hair loss problem and re-growing the fallen hairs. Some of these ingredients along with their mechanism is mentioned below. These are:

  1. Provillus stops the DHT (dihydrotestostrone) to enter into the body which is the major reason for causing the hair loss. The formula of Provillus is specially designed to stops the observation of DHT in to the body and it supplies the proper food to the body which is essential to prevent the hair loss problem. It also helps in the re-growth of the hairs, naturally.

Due to this substance, the sound and strong hairs can be re-grown and proper nutrition is provided to the hairs. The Provillus provides all the basic and essential vitamins to the scalp that causes the tiny follicles to improve their health and ultimately produce the better, full bodied hairs.

  1. Vitamin B6 is another ingredient that is used to cure hair loss problem. It is a water soluble vitamin and it is available in three chemical forms. These are: pyridoxine, pyridoxal, and pyridoxamine. It performs the function in body to ensure the terrific growth of the hairs. It also works for providing the hair expansion.

Regardless of hairs, the vitamin B6 is also very essential for the rest of the body’s mechanism. It contains more than one hundred enzymes that are used in protein metabolism. It also helps in the metabolism of red blood cells.

Vitamin B6 is also very crucial for boosting up the nervous system and establishing the resistance system. It is also very helpful in converting the tryptophan in to niacin.

  1. Biotin is another substance that can be obtained from vitamin B6. Biotin is a vitamin supplement that is used to produce the sound hair, scalp and the nails. It also helps in conditioning the hairs, as well as, scalps. A person will just require to put the biotin over the health. It is the best hair food.
  2. Magnesium is another essential element for the hairs. It is a mineral that plays a crucial role in metabolism of energy, neuromuscular transmission bone structure, protein synthesis and the hair expansion.
  3. Zinc is another crucial element for ensuring the fit body structure. It is applied over the skin for fighting against the acne, sore throats and boils. It also helps in the division of the cells, ensuring the health of nails and skin and is required to be used over the tissues of the hairs and ensuring the health.
  4. Saw Palmetto is also used to lower down the level of DHT from the body. It is also used to block the five alpha reductase in the body. Saw Palmetto is used to block the receptor sites over the cell membranes and is expected to stop the absorption of DHT in the body. The Saw Palmetto is a powerful herb that is used in expending the hairs and preventing the androgenetic alopecia.
  5. Nettle root is another crucial ingredient that is used to block two enzymes in the body.These are 5a-reductase that composes the dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and the aromatase enzyme that composes the estrogens. Nettle rocks have power to stop the production of these two substances that are the major cause of hair loss.
  6. Gotu Kola is used to expand the hairs and it supports the integrity of skin and collagen.It is also used to help in healing the minor wounds and the skin irritation. It also assures the integrity of blood vessels and promotes the blood circulation throughout the body. Long term use of this substance will help in concentration and helps in building memory.
  7. Pumpkin (Cucurbita Maxima) is the oil that is extracted from the pumpkin seeds. It is used as a natural hair loss remedy that is used to have impact over the testosterone level in the body. Scientists are still studying the possible impacts of pumpkin seeds for curing the hair loss problem.

However, it is believed that pumpkin seeds have power to affect the androgen levels of diseases and thus it can have influence over androgen. And androgen is the major reason of causing the hair loss.

10.    Eleuthero Formerly Siberian Ginseng, (Glandular) belongs to the ginseng family. It is the most popular type of Panax and it has a great history of treating the hair loss problems.